Weekend Update

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Just an update from our weekend.
1. I cleaned our washing machine with bleach, vinegar and boiling water. Serious.
2. I got a little stomach something or other. Not pretty. Skipped 1/2 of the things I had planned (that was after cleaning the washing machine).
3. Still went to girls night even though I felt a bit punk, just because the thought of missing it was far to saddening.
4. Skipped out on the last 2/3 of church because I was still feeling a bit under the weather.
5. Came home and read my lesson on the apostasy, not looking forward to it. Anyone have any great apostate stories they’d like to share?
6. Conner keeps stealing fiber 1 bars from me. I’m thinking of having the police come and talk to him.
7. Forgot, late addition: Made us some boy bait on Saturday morning. It was yummy, but I chuckle every time I ask the boys if they want some. I think me and my roommates would’ve enjoyed this recipe a lot back in our day. :)
I think that’s all.
What’s on the docket for today, you ask?
1. Make giant pot of chili to feed missionaries for dinner (using dried beans — this part’s already done — I soaked the beans yesterday, then I cooked them in the crock pot last night, and this AM I drained them and added all the chili stuff — it barely fits in my crock pot now).
2. Make mini cupcakes for Spencer’s birthday tomorrow at preschool (yes, get ready for a post about me making cake again)
3. Clean kitchen
4. Go into a coma after all the cooking, etc.
Sometimes Mondays seem so overwhelming. I am grateful we have Sundays to gear-up for the week though. Very, very grateful.

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