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First off, I was very nervous about finding a blessing dress. I knew that a giant one (hopefully made of something silky so everyone would wonder if Drew would drop her the whole time) was out of the budget as I looked online (omg, 249 for a BLESSING dress? I barely paid that for my WEDDING dress), but I found this adorable one at Carters yesterday (btw, I have a link to a 35% off coupon if anyone is interested). I am realizing that having a little girl is about accessories. Those shoes completely kill me. {sigh} I just need to find a headband (so Drew can worry about it the whole time she’s up there).

Here are the blankets. You’ve seen them all before, but I couldn’t help taking pictures of all of them this AM and then show you what an AMAZING job I did on the binding of the big quilt (which took longer than anything else). I know, I’m amazing. Again, huge props to my friend Millie for walking me through a couple of things. OH, and I ended-up using embroidery floss to tie it instead of yard. Yarn was just TOO thick. I don’t love the floss look. But frankly, it’s done. And it’s still adorable. Oh yeah, and on the upper right is the “sensory” blankets I made out of my extra fabric. I’ve heard kids love these. I don’t think it was an option when I had the boys.

Now for the drool bibs. I ended-up making my own pattern because I wanted to be able to get 4 bibs on each 1/4 yard of flannel. These are just drool bibs. They’re made out of flannel and backed with terry cloth (I guess i could use them for eating bibs in a pinch but I think I’d prefer a surface other than terry cloth on the back — thinking about making some oil cloth ones — plus, these are a little small for feeding). Total cost on these was great. I think I ended-up with 16’ish bibs for around 12 dollars.

Here’s the burp cloths. I found the pattern here. I ended-up trying out the batting, and I really like how thick they are. We’ll see how much I love them. But frankly, who wouldn’t with all the cute flannel choices out there?
I also bought more flannel then I needed for both the bibs and the burp cloths, so if you see them at a shower near you… well, don’t be too disappointed. :) Oh, and the diaper bag came yesterday. I really LOVE all the pockets. I knew I would. I’m not in love with the fact it doesn’t scream FASHION DIVA, but frankly — I probably wouldn’t love it if it did. It’s great, I’m excited to fill it.
So there, can you believe it? I must admit I still look longingly over at the boy’s infant stuff. I really love boy’s infant stuff. The soft blues, browns and greens. Plus, they have much better patterns. Seems like with a girl all they have to come-up with is a heart or a flower. Of course, then I check out the dresses and I’m back with my full attention to the female side. And let’s not even talk shoes. Shall we?

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  1. says

    You’ll be in love with the female baby stuff as soon as she comes. Not all of it, of course. And yes, the dresses and shoes are my favorite part.

    I love what you came up with for the blessing dress. Really cute and the shoes rock.

  2. says

    Do you have a great place to buy oil cloth in cutesy patterns? I just ordered some online….let me know if you’d like the link.

    Totally cute stuff! Your binding looks amazing!

    Blessing dress…perfect!

  3. says

    I love the burp cloths you made! I’m going to the fabric store today to pick up some fabric so I can make some too. (all of mine are pink)

    And I had SUCH a hard time at WM last night trying to find an outfit for our boy. I kept drifting back over to the girl outfits – couldn’t find anything I liked on the boy side. We’ll try Target today. :)

  4. Mikell says

    it looks like oyu have been very busy sewing, and it all looks great. Dont worry about the girl, i have a friend who had 2 boys and then a girl about 7 months ago. She was also worried, and doesnt like all the pink stuff, but she did just fine dont worry

  5. says

    You have mad sewing skills. I am jealous. And, I’m with you about the shoes. Rylan has maybe 2 pairs that fit right now…at this age Addy probably had 10…sandals, flip flops, black dress shoes, white dress shoes, red dress shoes, little sneakers, boots, it’s a little obnoxious, but mostly fun!

  6. says

    How special that you made so many
    of her things yourself. You did
    a beautiful job. And the blessing dress is adorable. I think you’ll
    develop an appreciation for girl
    stuff within the year. Even though
    I have a girl, I always thought
    boy stuff was super cute too. All kids clothes are darling!!


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