It Slowly Seeps into my Bloodstream

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Woke-up at 4:30 this fine AM with a new stoney friend digging into my bladder, or urethra or some part that is vitally important to me, and just doesn’t deserve to be dug into.

Thought I’d take 1/2 an hour to drink and drink, and drink, and drink and see if I could get it to resolve. Shockingly, that didn’t work and the back pain increased.

Boy, is this fancy.

So, 27 minutes ago I took a vicodin. I’m really wishing it’d take effect faster, I miss that morphine that’s so delicious at the hospital. Problem is I have to get an IV and have all these questions, and see residents. I think I’ll stick to my giant glass of water (already done a liter and a half, thanks so much) and the vicodin. Perhaps I need to take two.

BTW, it’s entirely paid programming in the middle of the night now. What a bummer. I will have to make sure to have a stocked DVR when the baby comes. Should start taping Gilligan’s Island now, I remember that being a favorite when Conner was born. :)

5:54 AM update — took another vicodin at 5:30… I’m starting to feel a bit better, but still trying to find something on the internet that will amuse me enough to forget about it. Not having much luck.

6:21 AM update — just starting to really feel the vicodin (like you feel the morphine right after they inject it). I’ve been catching up on a lot of private blogs that I always forget to read — so that’s been nice. Wonder if my comments make any sense…. I think in about 10 minutes I’ll be ready for a nap. :)

7:44 AM update — This isn’t working, it’s not helping and I can’t calm down — I am also on the verge of throwing up. Hard to say if it’s the 14 gallons of water I’ve drunk (almost), the vicodin on an empty stomach or the pain. These are good times people. I feel like running around and screaming. Somehow, I don’t think that will help.

4:52 PM update — It only got worse, and then I started crying. Around 9:30 we decided to go to the hospital. Where we waited, and waited. Hospital beds just aren’t so great for kidney stones and I wanted to run out in the hall and tell those nurses how to do their job. At one point I sat up and leaned over my vomit bucket (which I had used previously in the AM) which is not normally a position my wee one allows me to be in (being so darn high and all). However, all the sudden it stopped hurting — I mean, my back. Down below still hurt. Finally the doctor came and gave orders. She put in my IV and I said I’d get up to pee before the morphine and what to my glorious eyes should appear in the strainer. My little stone. It was shaped like a teardrop — the perfect way to wedge itself into my bladder. You tend to still get a few twinges after that so they still gave me the morphine and 2 L of fluid and sent me on my way. I came home for a quick nap before the kids got home from church. HUGE props to my friends Rowena and Andrea (who I am not related to, but she is growing on me) who helped with the kids. I initially thought I could just go by myself but since I was bawling my eyes out on the way and was pretty sure I’d be in a morphine stupor on the way home I thought it was best Drew came with. So, there you go — stone number 3 during the pregnancy (#4 in the last year). Their only advice is to drink more. During pregnancy your body is in a perpetual state of dehydration. They also suggest I lower my salt intake, which I am going to try and be more vigilant with, but with my diet I can only do so much. {sigh} This one was the worst one. Vicodin didn’t touch it. Who knows what makes one more than another. Let’s hope it’s the last.

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  1. says

    Oh, man….I am sorry….what a horrible night! I’ve never had a kidney stone, only heard the worst about them! i can’t imagine combining it with pregnancy (although i hear they can go hand in hand quite a bit).

    I am glad you got to catch up on my blog, though! Thanks for your comments….makes a girl feel special to be so commented!! I’ll try to keep it updated and interesting in case you have another hard night! Hang in there!

    Oh, and DVRing Gilligans sounds like a grand idea!

  2. says

    Oh Hilary! If only you still lived here and we could be hopped up on painkillers together, drinking loads of water with lemon in it and making crafty things for our little ones. Wouldn’t that be the life? I usually do my stones au natural, but occasionally I take lortab which does nothing but make me vomit and vicodin is even worse. I am deathly allergic to morphine and so all I can get is demerol-which is not worth the hassle of the ER to me. I do take toradol(although not while prego-I need to check on that) for the spasms. It seems to help; especially since my stones will sit in the bladder for weeks before coming out. I really hope your little girl comes out the sweetest thing ever! You definitely deserve that after all this.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hilary, I’m so, so sorry you had such a terrible day. I wish there was something I could do to help. It was great seeing you yesterday. You’re going to have such a stylish little girl! Hang in there.-C

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