Monday, March 23, 2009

Natural Consequences

My children have been having a LOT of issues with the consequences of their actions lately. I wanted to do an FHE that ties into the 3rd article of faith on consequences.
I wanted to have some good natural consequences. So far I've come-up with
  • dropping something
  • getting something wet
  • mixing baking soda and vinegar
Anyone else have some good ideas that would show that every action has a consequence?


  1. Burning cookies. Sigh. I hate that consequence.

    There's also burning the roof of my mouth. That one's no good, too.

    Writing on a sheet of white paper, then trying to make it white again.

    This is a good FHE idea--I think I'll steal it for tonight.

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Your last two blog entry titles are starting to look like some of our teacher in-services. Umm, actions I have seen this school year that preceeded natural consequences: chair tilting, untied shoes, running through a puddle, forgetting to use the bathroom at recess and being too embarassed to share that oversight, coloring over the number grid on your name tag before the math test, and telling your (former) best friend to "take a train, peanut brain".



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