ER Retrospective

I just finished the ER retrospective (which, in fact, I was looking forward to more than the actual season finale, because I was such a HUGE fan of the early years — in fact I felt like it’s not fair to compare Nurse Hathaway with Sam — I personally think she’s in a whole other league).

You see those scenes, with the piano music in the background — you know those 8 chords (btw, I think the show got worse when they got rid of the music — who’s idea was that?)… and the nurse is running down the hallway. I still feel like that. I feel like time stops, and there’s background music and someone’s life hangs in the balance.

I feel like ER was the show that said — yeah, you’re not the most caring person in the world — but perhaps that’s not what a nurse has to be, maybe she needs to be a girl with balls. Turns out, that was right.

I feel like ER gave a lot of people a glimpse into what life is like. The monotony of the every day and then something changes and it’s all on your team.

I also found it amusing that they (I’m talking about the actors from the show here) talk like they are doctors, like they know what it’s like to actually stand around a patient who’s dying. They don’t. Sometimes I wonder if they think being a doctor is just being able to say those words, throw needles around into people’s chest. Sadly, there’s a bit more…

Top 5 things I learned on ER:
1. It’s always nice to tell someone “He’s the attending, like Dr. Greene on ER — and she’s the resident, like Carter.” And yes, I’ve had that conversation.
2. That you can use tampons and maxi pads to apply direct pressure (wasn’t that a great episode where she’s in the hold-up at the convenience store)
3. Stay away from the helicopter pad (most shocking moment: when that guy had his arm ripped off).
4. You might work with some of the most questionable people on earth, but when the scene is bad they will step up to the plate like no other, and you love them for that.
5. You are there, you are the only gratification you will get — if that’s not enough, you’re in the wrong business.

Anyway, it’s really hard for me to let this show go. It is by far and away my favorite medical show, and perhaps I’ll have to write another entry on the season finale — but that will have to be for another day — for it’s bedtime now. Suffice it to say that when they showed the scenes from when Anthony Edwards died, I was a mess. Man, that was THE saddest episode of TV, wasn’t it? Goodbye ER. I will miss you (but frankly, you were in astystole for a few years — and they kept shocking you, and we all know you don’t shock asystole — don’t we?).

P.S. Guess who ruined dinner by cancelling the oven (and thereby turning it of) cooking my fancy America’s Test Kitchen roasted chicken. I’ll give you 3 guesses… {sigh} Really, it’ll be nice when my brain floats back up to my head and out of my uterus — in like a year from now.

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  1. says

    I thought of you when I saw all the hype about the last episode.

    I have never been into that show, aside from a few months where I watched reruns during the day while I was pregnant with Sophie.

  2. says

    Sadly, I missed the last episode. Actually I’ve missed the last two years. Just couldn’t get into it after all the “good” ones left. But I was a huge fan for the first few years. Never missed it.

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