Monday Check-Up

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Just got back from a little fun at the doctor’s. I was a little nervous my blood pressure would be high, but it was fairly normal, even though my feet now think they should be logs. I won’t mention what my weight was. I gained at least 3 pounds over the hot weekend with water, I’m sure. I just hope I pee it all off when she comes. :)

As far as “down under” I’m 1, maybe 2 and I think still 50% but at least the head is now touching the cervix. I am still pretty high when you look at me, but I think she’s grown down to meet the cervix. Basically, not much change in that department from 2 weeks ago.

Kaiser thinks I’m overdue, so I get to have an NST on Friday, then they’ll do an AFI the Monday. I’m not an induction fan so I’d like to go naturally. I’m telling you — Saturday at 5 pm I’ll be on the yoga ball — feel free to visit. :) I’ll be back to the doctor’s next Monday so she can strip my membranes if I haven’t already gone over the weekend (and they will most likely induce me on Tuesday or Wednesday if nothing’s going on then).

In other news, I think those Mormon church benches are laden with pitocin (all those darn kids we have). OMG, I’ve just never been so uncomfortable, and when I came home I felt the same for at least an hour and then I cooled off. Yeesh. I think we’re safe to say that even if the baby’s not out by next Sunday — I won’t be there. Or, maybe I should be there. Maybe I should go to both wards? Maybe I should go live on a bench?

And finally — I did work out today. I actually read in one of those crazy newborn/pregnancy magazines that babies of women who work out during pregnancy score higher on IQ tests. At least I can make-up for a bit of the fact I can’t breast feed. Seriously, if I have to do that cardio DVD one more time… I am still working out 4 times a week. Once with the Lindsay Brinn Cardio DVD, 2 times with her prenatal yoga, 1 time with denise austin (I do her cardio portion and then I did a “labor preparation” DVD that does some pelvic floor stuff). I am a big fan of how the work-outs make me feel afterwards, but doing them. Well, let’s just say it isn’t pretty at this stage in the game. And that is all for now. :)

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