Sunday, July 05, 2009

It was "THAT" night

Last night was the night, happy 4th to me indeed. Hopefully it doesn't require fireworks every time, but GUESS WHO slept from 10 pm to 7 am! That's right, our sweet little P. Now, I've spent some sleepless hours analyzing what it was gonna take to get her to sleep through. Here are my thoughts, based pretty much entirely on my 3 kids.
1. They need to be eating close to 4 oz each feeding.
2. They need to be awake for just about an hour and a half between each feeding.
3. The shedule has to be fairly strict.
It has taken a while for her to make it up to about 3.5 oz each feeding. Sometimes it's still only 3 but she does 4 a fair amount of the time. She's a sleepyhead during the day though. I think if I'd worked harder on keeping her awake during the day this time might have come sooner, but frankly... with 3 kids... and her having a cold. I'm just glad it came now.
I'm not planning on this being a regular thing for another week but I do think we're on the right path.
That's right the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, I might be a normal person again! I would stress "might be." Also, as she's gone longer at night I see more of her personality coming through. She was pretty-well the life of the party last night giving everyone smiles.

In other news, we had a great 4th. I worked all day with some of my favorite co-workers and then it was BBQ'ing with friends and fireworks. I'm so happy our city still puts on fireworks. It makes me feel kinda small town and builds community. Kids loved it. To quote Conner,
"The fourth of July is the BEST day! A picnic, party and FIREWORKS!!!!" Pretty much dude, pretty much.


  1. What a good girl! Hope she totally keeps it up.

    The 4th is an awesome day, definitely.

  2. I love your banner--she is so darling!


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