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Spring is springing in full force here in the Bay Area.  We got our garden all put in yesterday, including the elusive drippers (we have a drip system, but since I always change my mind about what grows best where I am always having to change the drippers).  This morning I woke-up totally sore and I was realy disappointed in myself since I didn’t work out yesterday and then I remembered, hello!  3 hours of heavy duty gardening, silly.  This year we have: Tomates (grape and regular), watermelon, cantaloupe (those two I haven’t planted yet, not into the stores yet, but maybe next week), carrots, cauliflower (still growing from the fall, when it’s done I’ll rip it out and put in another tomato), green onions, peppers, basil, jalapenos, peas, beans, brussel sprouts (also left from the fall), strawberries, lettuce (a new one, I’ve never tried that before!), zuchini, cucumbers, eggplant (also new), spinach (also new), garlic, cilantro,  walla walla onions, potatoes, and raspberries.  Wow, that’s quite a list!  We’ll see what ends-up actually growing.  I have low hopes, but they are a little higher due to us composting now, and I was able to spread 2-3 inches over all our planting space by the compost we made in the fall.  We also made some trellis out of concrete fencing.  I’m just giddiy hoping that our cantaloupe will climb it and be delicious.

Conner is springing too, apparently.  We’ve been having impulse control issues.  Unable to sit still in class, calling out answers, generally doing a lot of stupid things (like jumping on our car and cracking the bug guard, out of the blue with no apparent reason).  His teacher, yesterday, told me that he’s fairly immature compared to the rest of the boys.  Drew and I definitely don’t foster early growing-up, but we do try to foster responsibility and impulse control should be something he has a fairly good handle on by now.  We’ve got a couple of new rules involving homework and mealtimes and learning to sit still and work hard.  I hope they help (or, if they don’t, he will most likely starve).  Do you guys have thoughts?  For those of you who know Conner, do you have extra thoughts?  A tiny bit of me wonders a couple of things:

  • Is it allergies, it seems to often happen at this time of year, and our school has a TON of pollen right now from their large pine trees.
  • The teacher usually teaches 5th grade, and I think 4th grade boys are a bit of a mess… maybe it’s enhanced in his eyes because of that?

Either way, I’ve gotten a lead on a few good books to try, and I’m excited to try and help Conner with whatever I can.

P is doing better, that puts a spring in my step.

My crock pot lid somehow fell while I was getting it down this AM, it dented the stove (just a little, chipping some paint) but it didn’t break.  I was impresed (more by the lid, than the stove).  We’re having corned beef with potatoes and carrots for dinner, along with some fancy green cake.

I was super pleased to see that leprechauns had attacked Spencer’s class today.  Somehow, I feel like he’s not getting all the heaps of joy that kindergarten can be but I was so happy to see that the teacher takes this meaningless holiday and has a lot of fun with it.  Because, Kindergaten is fun.  On another note, it’s so fun to have a Kindergartener or preschooler over holidays.  It makes everything so darn exciting!  Also, P may well be a leprechaun, our house often looks like the way their room looked.  Blocks all over the floor, crayons out… at least they don’t have a tupperware cabinet.  P loves ours.  Also, nothing looked chewed on… so perhaps P is a more advanced species (or less, depending on who you talk to).

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  1. says

    Wow! You must have a large garden space to plant all that. Good luck with the cantaloupe and watermelon. I can’t get them to grow well here. I’m sure they will do better in the warmer weather.

    I hope you enjoy your St. Patrick’s day meal. I made that cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I suggested making it again this year, but she wasn’t interested. I guess it was a good thing I made it when I had the chance.

    Good luck with Conner. Sorry I don’t know him well enough to give any advice.

  2. Sharon says

    good luck with the garden. Last year our cantaloupes were wonderful! And you might need to shade lettuce later spring; if it’s too warm it’ll bolt.

    As for Conner, is he getting enough exercise? Maybe if he’s challenged and tired it would help. Though I bet he’s busy rehearsing, and that might be taking a lot of mental energy with not much left for other stuff.

    People say karate, etc. teach good self control, might be worth a shot? Personally no experience, though.

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