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Every now and then I have to do a journal type entry — and today’s it’s about a day in the life at our house.

I wake-up at 5:45 three times a  week to work-out and am done around 6:30.  I then read my scriptures and then it’s off to the races trying to get everyone ready and out the door to school by 8:30

P and I come home, she goes into the playpen with a little music while I get a few things done.  Then, we have some playtime before her nap between 9 and 9:30.  I’m trying to read a book with her before bed, and some days that works well — others she’s not a big fan of sitting and reading.

While she naps I get a bunch of housework done, some blog and facebook reading, and laundry, etc.
She wakes up around 11 usually and then we often have an errand or a lunch to do.  That time’s pretty well free for playing and enjoying our life.

Nap for her starts either after we get Spencer or before if Drew is picking up.  Conner is late most of the days of the week and Drew usually picks him up.

After pickup I feel like our life is still a bit like complete chaos, but thankfully, P sleeps at that point.  I have enjoyed some free afternoons with Spencer to do some reading and catching up before Conner gets home (and usually demands all the attention for some tradgedy that has become him — have I mentioned he’s lost another jacket?).

Dinner’s usually at 5:30, with me starting it somwhere around 5.  Then it’s time for some play perhaps some more internet perusing before family scriptures and prayers.  I’m pretty well spent after that point and I lay on the couch and drool until I drag myself to bed around 9 pm.

Honestly, I don’t really feel like I have all that much to do.  I do have a very full life with 3 kids and a job (which wasn’t in this entry at all, but on weekdays I don’t work til’ 3 pm so after pickup I’m at work and Drew deals with the after school chaos).  I continue to feel bipolar with such a happy peaceful existance when it’s just me and P and then WHAM, it’s after school and the tornado comes. 

It’s a happy life, and it’s my life. :)

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    When 3pm rolls around it really is a different ball game. Not having that change this past week with spring break has really made me look forward to summer.

  2. says

    I remember when my existence was peaceful with me and Sophia. Now she’s crazy. :) Not really….it’s still a jolt when 3:30 rolls around.

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