Four Favorites Friday

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1.  Artichokes.  My goodness, why haven’t I had these before!  I am in LOVE.  It’s like an event when you eat an artichoke.  You cook them (I do just 8 minutes in the microwave for a JUMBO one), and then you slowly peel and dip.  It’s almost as good as chips!  I like just mayo.  It’s 2 points for a WHOLE lotta delicious fun!
2.  My birthday.  Drew and I are celebrating on our own this weekend and I am SO excited for it.  Giddy, you might say.  Not sure why.  Just love my hubby I suppose.  I also love Fondue.  In case you care.
3.  Thrift stores.  I am having to put a cap on myself.  I’m just enjoying going and seeing what their is, and finding the right tags that are on sale!  I also love that I just bought a size TWELVE skirt.  Yes, it’s a little tight but it’s my current most favorite thing ever.  I have been on the lookout for a new jean skirt for… well, forever.  And I found TWO.  Happy times.
Munchkin 10 Oz Mighty Grip Spill-Proof Cup - 2 Pack4.  Sippy Cups.  I know, sippy cups, blah, blah, blah… but the girl now HOLDS HER OWN.  It’s just so nice to work on something and see progress.  It’s just kinda rare in our house as of late… she won’t pick it up but once I put it in her mouth she holds it.  I am hoping next week to post that she picks it up AND puts it in her mouth.  Baby steps.  I also love baby steps. :)
There are a lot of things in my life not particularly up to par as of late… but I do enjoy finding the small things that bring me bliss.  Speaking of bliss, guess who’s artichoke is done….

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