Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Primary Program

This past Sunday our ward's children (ages 3-12) put on a program filled with gospel principles that they learned this year.

I almost cried.

And it wasn't because P was twisting my finger, because she does like to do that.

I'm so touched by all these people who volunteer for my children, to help reinforce the things that I'm doing at home.

I'm touched by songs that sing exactly what I want them to know.

I'm touched by how much God loves little children.

I've been watching a little bit of NBC and Oprah talking about education in our nation.

I think primary is such a great example.  Of course, the teachers need to be paid but they're just a support for what's going on at home.  I need to mull over the education thing a bit more, and formulate my thoughts a bit... but suffice it to say that God loves children and I'm so glad that he does.

I love children too.  Especially when they're sitting 100 feet away from me and performing for my dewy eyes. :)


  1. Great thoughts. Primary program day is one of my favorite sacrament meetings. I feel like primary is one of the best places for a child to get a strong foundation for life! Primary builds strong roots.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the Primary Program. Except when I have to write it. :) all the more reason to really be thankful for those that do all this work.

  3. Misty-eyed for sure!

    They are just so sweet and innocent (at least while up on the stand for 30 minutes during church).

  4. This year I taught all the kids the songs (usually with the pianist and 0-1 teacher in the room), wrote the program, assigned the parts, and practiced with all the primary, the pianist and one teacher in the room. Anyway, I hope it works as well as your did. I have one more week to practice.


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