Seven is Heaven…

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How did this 9 pound bundle of love and joy turn into the boy called Spencer?  I must admit that Spencer’s birth is the least clear in my mind.  Perhaps it’s the middle child syndrome.  I remember Conner puking right before we left for the hospital.  I remember pushing for far longer than I thought was necessary.  I remember wondering who’d plopped a fat little baby on my chest… surely that couldn’t be ours.  I’m guessing I had some diabetes in my system because the boy we know today is in the 3rd percentile on weight.  Here he is at his check up yesterday at the doctor’s.  Check out those legs!  He hit the big 40 pounds yetserday, allowing home to ride in a regular booster, no questions asked.  We’re so proud. 
So, without further adieu, 7 things I love about Spencer:
1.  His laugh.  When he finds something funny he has the loudest laugh.  It just makes you laugh to hear it, it’s especially funny to hear a big belly laugh from someone who doesn’t have a belly.  He does have ribs though, you can see them all. :)
2.  Easy to please.  He has simple needs, and of course he wants them met, but the fact that he wants pizza and bundt cake is easy on the mom.  Thanks dude.
3.  He’s a smarty, and he knows it.  Ok, I don’t love that he knows it and I will admit I am the mom who will point out his faults if necessary.  The kid is pretty smart though, he knows most of what’s being taught in first grade but still takes it all in stride.  I’m glad his teacher his willing to challenge him, but he does well in the times he’s not challenged and is a good sport about helping others.  This is his science fair project about how many drops of water would fit on a coin.
4.  He still loves to cuddle.  Not only because it totally ticks off P either (but, it does).  I wonder how long that will last…  A benefit to him only being 40 pounds, I can still carry him around if necessary.  He finds that highly amusing.
5.  The kid has always been a great sleeper.  I love that about him.  Conner’s an early riser, but Spencer’s willing to make it past 7:30 if we’ll let him.  I appreciate this even more since we’ve had P.  I remember very few nights getting up with him in the night.  THANK YOU SPENCER!
6.  He’s really into the pantomime or charades.  Oh my goodness, just have a conversation!  I guess it’s midly endearing that he doesn’t say numbers but just shows them to you or just says the first letter of something and expects you to guess the rest.  I’m not amused, but I know it’s an endearing phase I’ll miss someday.
7.  He’s a great brother.  He sure loves his baby P and he tries so hard to stay up with Conner.  He really works hard to maintain peace in our family. 
I’m so glad he’s mine.  Happy Seventh Birthday Spencer!!!!

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    I have a soft spot in my heart for those skinny little middle children! Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy! Wow, 7????? My middle turns 7, too, in May. ugh.

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