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No one gets how Drew is getting laid off.  He’s been at that high school for years, he does a great job… so let me spell it out to you.

When music teachers are credentialed, they get one that allows them to teach K-12th grade.  Hence, they can teach music in any of the grades.

Drew loves high school, so he chose that arena.

Other teachers like elementary (most likely because there are very few hours associated with it after school) so they choose that area.  Our district is eliminating elementary music.  SO, those teachers (who have had 5 hour work days for a VERY long time) will now head to Drew’s job because they have more seniority.  Have they ever taught high school?  No.  Have they ever taught marching band, colorguard, percucssion/drumline, not very likely.  Will they still get to bump Drew — according to California law, yes.  They are all certified to teach the same thing.

So, it’s like someone from med surg, being able to bump a highly skilled ER nurse and just jump in taking care of her patients.  I’m not saying that it woudln’t be unfair even if the tables were reversed and Drew was taking their job — he’s never taught tiny kids… besides his own.  It’s just that the skill set differs.

Clear as mud?

Voila, we are looking for a job.  Got one? :)

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    aww shucks Hil, I totally get it! Greg and I have been through the same thing with his teaching career, and let me tell you this, I am NOT a fan of the UNION! because hard working people like us, and our husbands get the shaft! When we lived in Tahoe, Greg was a teacher for the district there, and the year we decided to have a family, he gets laid off! so there I was having our first child and a month later he gets his pink slip! I wish you all the best!!!

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    Ahh. That sucks! Anything pan out up our way? We have two people in our old ward who had school district music careers….one high school choral, her husband maybe middle school? and then a friend’s hubby who was also high school band, orchestra etc. Tell me where to look and I’ll do it for you!

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