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The weeks in 2011 are just flying by?  Did I fail to mention I hate odd years.  Just a little known fact about me. 

But, enough about me.

I have adorable children.

The oldest, and possibly least responsible at times, had stolen a can of pringles, and lost a sweatshirt… all in one day.  I told him sometimes I want to dent our drywall with his head.  I also apologized for that comment later, but we had a talk about how if I didn’t pack his lunch, day after day, and he’d talk to me about it and then I’d just forget — how he might feel.  For those he’s missing scouts tonight and he owes me 20 bucks for the shirt.  We shall see.  In other news, he was in a little skit at an assembly today and did a great job.  He’s also helping with the announcements at school on Monday because he is OH so cool el Presidante.  It’s true.

Mr Middle is doing great with reading with me this week.  He’s a great reader, but with that and being that the reading lessons he gets at school aren’t particularly stimulating for him I know I need to work with him at home.  He also could use a little extra attention, ala Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.  He did a great job at the Young Author’s fair over the weekend, pictures to follow.

Tiny Whiny is just that.  Ok, no… well, yes.  She got MUCH tinier last week.  I weighed her in at 21 pounds with clothes on as of last Friday.  Poor thing.  BUT, she’s much better.  I’m so thankful for all my friends who kept an eye on my sanity and her well being.  She is getting to be VERY fun.  Every time I change her diaper we go through all her body parts, and the fact that she is P and I am Mom.  Sometimes when she gets up she asks for people…. I love her learning her words.  I remember the first time she was sick and I thought, “UH, she can’t TELL me what’s wrong….” something I had taken for granted having older kids.  I’m glad to be entering a new phase of verbalization.  Also, her hair is growing out a bit and MUCHO adorable.  She even keeps a bow in sometimes. 

The Mister is packing his bags.  He can’t take it here anymore.  Seriously. ūüėČ

Happy Hump day everyone!

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    I have had many a time where I’ve realized if one or two of my kids weren’t related to me, I wouldn’t want to spend time with them! At least not in a phase or two:)

  2. says

    Ok I know you need to get through to child number one but in my experience it is never a good thing to ground a child from a church sponsored activity. No matter how much they like to go. From a leader’s perspective it is very frustrating and tends to send a mixed message about parental support. That’s just one girl’s humble opinion.

  3. says

    I agree 100% with Sarah. It does send mix messages. I believe that it also teaches that church is optional and I don’t believe it is. Cut TV. Cut bday parties but don’t cut church. Who knows one day they may use bad behavior to avoid going to church activities if that is your rule. I also agree that it’s hard from a leaders standpoint.

  4. says

    Gotta disagree on the “church debate” here. Scouts is not church. Church meetings are neither a privilege or a punishment, they are just “what we do”….”who we are”. Scouts on the other hand is an extra-curricular activity and is an earned privilege. Bad behavior (in our case it was disrespect) warrants a consequence and in our house if that’s the next “extra” or “fun” thing on the agenda, it’s the thing that they lose.

    Just another girl’s humble opinion! :)

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