Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Loud Library

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the WorldSo, I'm strolling through the library with just the boys today, when I realize the kids section sounds like freaking chuck-e-cheese!  Turns out they took the sedate reading area out of the kids section, and instead they filled it with toys.


I know, I sound like the old miser, but aren't there plenty of places that kids can be loud.  Especially here where the weather most often accomodates playing outside.

I always appreciated that the library taught my kids how to be quiet.

But no more.

It can teach them how to get crap out and scream with other kids.

That's just what I needed.


Thoughts?  Does your library have a "playplace?"


  1. I haven't been to the Santa Clara library in a while, but this makes me kinda sad too. That little reading area was great. Kids felt special, you could sit and read, and it was still semi-quiet and library like. I hope you complained so the library folks know that's not what everyone wants. Isn't there a billion acre park right there where the kids can run and scream?

  2. Oh no! That is NOT ok!

  3. Several years ago when our new library was built, they did put in a play area. But, it is mostly enclosed so the volume doesn't really get out into the library.

  4. Toys in the LIBRARY?!?!?! Are you serious? Isn't a library supposed to be filled with BOOKS? hmmm... that is just so wrong.

  5. Yeah. That is really stupid. We have stuffed animals in our reading corner, but they don't seem to be too noise inducing...


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