Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Well, life keeps chugging along, doesn't it?  I need to stay busy, I have found.  And while watching Funny Girl on Netflix is "busy" it does allow for the mind to wander.  Trying to keep the docket  a little more full today. :)  Maybe....

I did see there's a Bethany Got Married on my hulu queue though.  Horray!

C is at science camp, and I must admit I am feeling a little bad that I'm not missing him more.  There IS less fighting, there's less work, there's less blaming... Huh, 2 kids... pretty easy. :)  I'm excited for him though, I hear they have a great time, and that's just what he could use!

S has a big play this evening.  Very excited for him.  He is feeling pretty much like the master of the house while Conner is away.  He thinks he's in charge of everything. Wonder where he got THAT from?  Funny dude.

P is learning to play by herself, at least that's my plan.  I've had a playpen up in the house to throw her in when things got ugly, but we decided to take that down since she's almost 2 (!)... and now I'm trying to get her to learn to play nicely alone.

What are the chances?

And no news on the job front.  Not without effort though. :)

1 comment:

  1. Just keep up that positive attitude my friend! :) I love it.

    And I haven't seen "Funny Girl" in FOREVER. Time to look it up on Netfliks. Thank you for that. :)


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