Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving: Selling

And, it's sold.

Sure, we have 17 days from today to really KNOW that we're out of here... but those 17 days will go by fast.  We plan to leave the end of June for anyone wanting to know.  We've asked them for a 37 day closing so we can get a house in AZ so we're not homeless.

Although, I met a homeless man today at Walgreens and he seemed awfully nice. :) 

Anyway, sure we could have probably held out for a few thousand more... but would it have been worth it?  Probably not.  At least in our situation.  We are just VERY happy to have that part of our life over.  I feel like I'm totally looking ahead now, and ready to close this chapter (which, I am aware will be VERY painful and sad) and ready to start our new one.

We did consider countering this offer (we got a 3rd offer in late yesterday that was much better than the first two -- btw, I would be happy to share the amounts of the offers and how we decided to anyone who wants to know... maybe I will after we close escrow, I'm not private about that kind of stuff)... but the offer was solid, they were putting a nice amount down and who knew if they'd walk away if we countered.  Just better to set it in stone.  What's a couple thou, right?

In other news, I'm flying to AZ tomorrow.  I am NOT a good flyer, but I have some job interviews and I'm ready to look at houses.  I've grabbed complete strangers... nothing I'm proud of.  Anyway, any tips on flying sans children?  I, shockingly, will probably miss the children as they are a nice distraction from the fact that I could plummet to my death at any moment.

Wouldn't that put a kink in our plans?


  1. Yay! I am so glad the house sold (almost officially). That really is stressful. We felt the same way when we had to sell. It wasn't worth the stress or the risk for a few thousand more. It was easier just knowing you could leave without worrying about the house. It sounds like you have some backups which is also super nice. I hope you find the perfect place in AZ!!

  2. Wow! For reals? One week on the market, hooray! I'm so excited for you have that big spacious house in AZ! My sister wants to move one street over from where she is because they had a 4th child and need more room. 3600 sq. ft gorgeous home on a short sale for $247,000! Seriously, bargains down there! Good luck job and house hunting! Say hello to the sun for me! ;)

  3. I am so sad and happy for you guys! S.C. is such a good place to live. I miss it on a daily basis, but a big house in AZ seems pretty nice! Good Luck with the move!

  4. I'm glad it sold so quickly! What a relief! Take a good book on the plane and try to relish the peace of no children!


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