Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Putting God in Charge, Daily Conversions

I think I need to wake up every morning and tell myself (possibly even out loud) that God is in charge.  It is HIS day and HE will make of it/me as He will.

I forget it.

I get SO caught-up in the cleaning, the phone calls, the children, the food, the end of year activities... it's just overwhelming and while in the grind you think you need to do ALL of it.

But I'm just the leg man.

And today a door finally opened for me.  I've wanted to work at one hospital this while time, it's larger and does a lot of higher risk deliveries.  I like that.  I like being busy and happy.  Today I finally talked to a recruiter.  I teared-up on the phone.  It was pretty big news for me.  I've had zero luck for days and days.

Today I also made the early morning decision that I needed to go to AZ.  Honestly, I have no idea what a 2000 square foot house feels like.  Is it more than we need, is it less?  And I think making the decision (with God's help) that I needed to go, helped open the door.

The lady on the phone said they had over 100 applicants for the job I'm applying for.  Most aren't qualified -- but seriously.  Wow.  I had no idea.

So, today I am learning that I need to perhaps even oralize (is that a word) my mantra that God is in charge.  I need to say it daily, hourly... sometimes every minute.  There's a good chance our house is going to go under contract in the next couple of days so we need to make sure that our ducks are going in the right row.  I want someone that fits this neighborhood well as we've come to love our neighbors as well.

And life goes on.  The beat goes on.  The TV is on.  And God is in charge. 


  1. We moved from 1100 to 3500. Wow. That was a huge change.

    This house has a lot of formal spaces: living, dining, along with a family room and a huge bonus room. We have three dedicated bedrooms and one they called the 4th bedroom, which you walk through to get to the bonus room (which is our play/laundry.) We can't really count on that room as a bedroom so it's an office.

    Like you said, layout is more important than square footage. Our kitchen is large, but it's so poorly laid out there's a lot of wasted space. I think 2500 is a nice number. 2,000 can be done with all of you, but it had better be impeccably laid out.

    I hope you find the right position for you.

  2. I think we have 2700, even though it looks super small on the outside, its' actually bigger than you'd think.

    I think it's a good size for us and our three kids. Definitely room for everything. I'm not always in love with the layout (I don't like that the master bedroom is on the main floor and all other bedrooms are upstairs, for instance), but it's perfect for us.

    I am glad you're going to AZ. YOU are the queen of the house. You really need to know what you're buying and see the area before you make a decision. Yay.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm glad you are going to AZ. Here's a chance for you to feel part of the decisions! Hope it is fun!!! Tell, tell....

  4. I've never thought of it that way before, but I've made a conscious effort (ie, it's on my daily to-do list) to pray every morning. And that's basically what I'm doing, admitting that God is in charge and it is His day. I might not consciously remember that throughout the day. But it's made a difference and I'm now at the point when I feel that I haven't done it (and not just because I can see that it isn't checked off yet).

  5. I love the thought about vocalizing it each day. I'm going to try it! (hopefully I will REMEMBER!!) :) Thanks for the lovely post.

  6. I wouldn't dare NOT comment since you DEMAND comments. LOL

    I have worked the church's program for codependency. #1 step of 12 is admitting that I am out of control. #2 is knowing that God is in charge #3 is me letting God be in charge. It sounds so easy on paper, but it really is a choice and a decision at a time.

    It is such a breathe of fresh air. I don't have to worry. I do what I can, and let God do the rest. Great message.

    He truly is in charge and we are so much happier when we let Him be.

    I can't do it.
    He can.
    I think I will let Him.


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