Friday, June 03, 2011

In This Moment

Our house is probably going to sell low.  That's just the nature of the market.

Our house in AZ is a dream, but lots of obstacles which include multiple offers and worrying that it won't appraise for what they want.

This last day of school has been really hard on me.  I kept a bright face, but I choked back tears as we were leaving the Kindergarten playground.  So sad for all the kids and families I've grown to love.  I could barely be around the teachers, I'm going to miss them SO much.

Drew's at graduation right now, I'm sure holding back tears of his own.  I hope they mention something about his leaving as they haven't done a thing as of yet and frankly, I find that appalling.  Thankful for the many families who have said beautiful thank you's, that's always nice.

And of course, the kids are high as kites with 9 million papers in my face to organize in a house that has to be kept sterile.

It's been a really hard day, and I've asked God to increase my faith and my person to make my stronger to last through bedtime. 

I'm fairly sure I'll just be a puddle after that.


I, actually, have thought a lot about our pioneers lately.  They were forced to leave their homes, leaving behind great wealth and prosperity for a land that they knew not.  One of my favorite doctors talked to me a bit about immigration and how people always found such peace, friendship and prosperity in the new land, that it was always a "step up".

I take great heart in their stories of prosperity once they got thrugh the trials.  What good examples they are.

And should we die, before our journey's through....


  1. ugh..all I can say is hang in there!!

  2. All for the best, my friend, all for the best. It's so hard now, but I know that once it's all over you'll look back and see how you've grown (among other things).

    Keeping fingers crossed and prayers said for you.


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