Miracles Monday

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There have been lots of tiny miracles in our lives.

The one I want to talk about today is going to work.  I felt SO at home.  I’ve had quite a few nursing jobs (ok, this is #6) and it’s always been a HORRIBLE transition.  I’ve had a lot of private tears about how it’s all going.  It’s just hard to get on a new unit with new people and new doctors and take it all in.

But, last Thursday was my first shift on the floor and I felt like I could have gone off on my own at any moment.  I really felt like this was something I could do. 

I know that God is watching out for me, he’s helping me be comfortable with my situation here.  I feel really lucky.  On a less miraculous side, these girls have some SERIOUS language issues.  I have rarely heard the F word used in so many imaginative ways.  I wasn’t one to rock the boat on my FIRST day, but any of you have ideas on getting that to stop, at least around me?

In other news, I talked to Spencer’s new principal today.  He’s in a gifted cluster class (whatever the heck that means!?) already, so that’s great.  She also said that his teacher is REALLY loving and will do a great job at integrating him into the school.  I’m extra nervous because it seems like no one in our ward goes to this school.  We even have a meet the teacher night next week.  HORRAY!  Everything I’ve ever wanted.

SO many tiny miracles in each of our lives.  I know that when I notice them I am SO much happier.  I feel very blessed by how Heavenly Father watches out for me.

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    Yea for Spencer! How did they identify him for the gifted cluster? He’s going to do great! Glad you have a meet the teacher event, and that she is known as loving. : )

    I am also glad to hear that you are feeling so confident at work! Sorry to hear about the language issues. I don’t know what I would suggest about that…maybe as they get to know you, they will sense that they should mellow out on the f-word??? at least around you….?

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    I am not sure what to do about the F-word, either. That is so annoying. Joel and I were once on a train and the guy sitting behind us was telling some big long saga to his friend and I swear that was the only word he knew. :) It’s wearing to have t listen to it like that.

    And yay for miracles!

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