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Lots is up around here.  Now that I’ve welcomed myself back to the land of the living (and I don’t really think I’ve been amongst the living since about March) we’re doing all sorts of fun stuff before school starts.

Ok, who am I kidding?  We’re all turning into mermaids and mermen.  That would be fine, except we all have to dry off and drive home, with some resounding beggings for slurpees (which, even the giant size are only 79 cents here!)  The boys are doing swim lessons with a sweet girl from the ward.  Conner is doing REALLY well.  He’s turned into a fish since we’ve been here.  She’s doing strokes with him, and working on breathing, I’m really proud of him.  Spencer is Mr. Hesitant.  Today he jumped in the water, which earned him an ice cream cone when we got home.  He’s never done that before.  I could tell he wanted to cry, but we were all cheering, so he didn’t.  I hope this is a good lesson for him.  I worry about him in a new school with new friends, new teacher.  He just isn’t always one to jump in with both feet.  I worry about him the most right now…

Conner went and took his school’s math placement test today.  I’m hoping to get him into the advanced classes.  They were impressed with his star testing.  He already has homework that’s due the first week of school.  He’s super jazzed, of course.  The administration’s been really nice.  So, I’m happy.

Work’s going well.  I’m not sure how many hours I’m going to be getting.  But, that’s life with my per diem placement.  I just work when they need me to.  You’d think after 8 years of doing this I’d be used to God setting us up for success, but I must admit I still worry.

BUT, you’ll all be glad to know that I am EXTREMELY happy.  My house is in order, I really like it.  I’m starting to get friends, and find kindred spirits around me.  Sure, the heat is a bugger, but it makes swimming oh so sweet.  Drew’s gone a lot, but with more room I’m less apt to lose my mind in this house.  It’s still possible though. :)  Things are going really well.  Sure, there’s worries in my head, but I Have SUCH A strong testimony of how God blesses those who do the things he asks I know we’ll be fine.

{God is in charge, don’t even THINK of jumping off the plane}

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