What’s Up Wednesday

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FINALLY, instead of a united battle against unemployment we’re each doing our own thing:

Drew is loving the new school.  The facilities are about 2000 times better and he says the students are really hard workers, which is great because even when they practice at 6 am it’s still REALLY hot outside.  He starts ASU next week.  His grandmother died this past week.  We are all really sad, especially since we can’t make it to the funeral what with new jobs and Drew starting school.  She was a wonderful woman who was sharp as a tack up until the very last minute.  I know she is happy to be free of her aging body here on earth.  She was almost 98.

Conner has a good friend that lives just across the street.  They walk to the bus together in the AM and their last 3 classes are together.  He also has another friend that’s doing band and is also in our ward.  I am feeling most solid about him, even if he did have a major melt down yesterday.  I have vowed to meet him at the door with a glass of water today.  I hope that helps.

Spencer is doing alright.  I have yet to hear about many friends, but he says he has a couple.  Knowing Spencer — he does.  I am going to email his teacher tomorrow to see how she thinks he is doing, and also see about getting him into the gifted program.  It was Spencer’s turn for a meltdown this morning, as his shirts were too big that a friend sent us.  And when I say meltdown, I truly do nuclear reactor style, not otter pop style.  Who-wee, that kid can scream!  And at 7:11 I just don’t quite have the fortitude for it.  I just calmly packed his lunch and walked him to the bus.  I hope his mood improved on the bus.

Tiny P is actually enjoying her time at home with me all to herself, for the most part.  I will admit this girl just can’t get used to getting into a hot car.  It’s a trial every single time.  We’re starting up mommy school.  I got some great 2 year old workbooks at Costco and we’re learning our letters and preposition words.  I’m mulling over potty training.  To buy another case of diapers, or not to buy another case of diapers.  THAT is the question.  She’s ready.  I’m just not sure I am.

As for me, I’m slowly sinking into the school routine.  I’ve been SO tired — I think my body is still catching up from the job hunt/move/so darn hot mess that it has been under.  I’m not a good napper though, I get up in a real mood and that doesn’t help our after school problems.  I think I need to just go to bed at 8 pm with Spencer until I can stay awake all day.  I am, however, making friends.  I even went to the movies with some ladies last weekend.  Give it up for girls night!

So, that’s what’s up here.  What’s up there?

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  1. says

    Loving the nuclear reactor vs. the otter pop. We seem to do nuclear meltdowns here, too.

    Sounds like things are going mostly well. Except for the scorpion.

  2. says

    What’s up here is that I miss you like crazy. Just may have my own little nuclear melt down since I don’t get to see you at Grandma’s funeral :(

    Give that little P (rincess) a hug from baby Emmie and I and Spencer and Connor too. Tell Drew we’ll miss him and I’ll beat up (at lease in my head I will) anyone who makes any snarky comments that he didn’t make it to the funeral. Much to my surprise, all 5 of my siblings are coming. Really, this is a shock since I know it was especially financially draining for my brother Doug to come to our reunion with wife and 5 kids in June.

    <3 you guys

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