Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Well, after our trip, it's back to reality and our regular life.

Drew had his first concert.  Sounds like it was a success.  He has a marching competition almost weekly and everyone seems to be enjoying themeslves.  Not that I would know.  I remember the days where I'd show up to his stuff.... I think those are things you can do when you only have one child.  Although, frankly he's never come to one of my deliveries.  To be quite frank. :)

El Presidante is trying to show me he's worthy to babysit sometimes.  I had started allowing it, but took a big step back during the lying spree.  I am going to pay him 1$/hour if Drew and I are out for fun.  I'm having a hard time imagining Drew and I being out for fun.... but a girl can dream....  We recently went for flu shots, and he only had a mild panic attack before allowing the nurse to do it while visualizing the candy isle. 

Mr Middle had his own lying fest a couple of weeks ago.  He decided to read the ENTIRE Harry Potter series (that's right, ALL of them) in one week.  Seriously.  I was wondering how he did this, and then I found out he took a vacay' from homework, and then lied to both me and his teacher about doing it.  In other news, he loves Harry Potter.  Yay.

Darling P poops in her pullup EVERY nap.  I don't know what to do.  We try and sit on the potty for a VERY long time before naps, but frankly that loses its savor.  And then she just does it.  Not sure what to do.  Thoughts?

I'm wishing I could still have a life of fun and frivolity, but it turns out I don't.  I am, however, loving how fertile our garden is.  Sadly, I think the lettuce seeds kinda blew all over so I'm picking a lot of lettuce out, but either way I think we're going to have a good crop.  I'm back on my modified weight watchers plan and I've lost a pound a day.  Go me.

Things are cooling down here in the dessert, but frankly not fast enough. :)


  1. One piece of advice for P, just because I like to be gross. Give her a laxative, a good one. Spend a week or so letting her feel the "loose" stuff. My girls accidentally had stomach issues the week they were potty trained, but it was a gift to me. They can feel it sooner, and more urgently than the other way. They NEVER EVER had a #2 accident. We're still dealing with the occasional #1 though :-)

  2. I say, let her poop it out. Maybe give her more of a sturdy diaper at nap. She'll eventually stop when she is developmentally ready. (My Paige had this issue until she was 4.)


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