Thursday, December 01, 2011

How's that Workin' For Ya'?: No Cable

I love when Dr. Phil says, "How's that workin' for ya'?"  Because it's the truth.  So often we're doing things that aren't working.  But, sometimes some changes are amazing. 

And cutting cable was one of them.  We were paying nearly 75/month when we were in CA, we cut that to about 10 when we cut cable (but kept antennae channels).  When we moved here, we cut out cable completely, using just antennae.

Newsflash, these new digital antenna's work, about 98% of the time.  I rarely have a signal disruption with it.  And, it's free.  My antenna's all cost under 10 dollars.

We were using Hulu plus, and then decided it was a waste of money.  We now have a laptop that we hook to the TV, so we don't need the hulu plus to stream directly to it.

Honestly, find a cheap laptop with HDMI capability and cut the cable.  We're now paying about 8 bucks/month for netflix, and that's it.  I figure if we want a movie we can get it it on the Amazon on demand (2.99/video) or we can get it from Redbox. 

We just finally got our computer here set up with a TV tuner and antennae so we can record programs (free software with windows 7) and it can act as a DVR for what we can't get on hulu (stupid CBS, and I always forget to go to to see the stuff there).  Windows 7 also connects to our TV so we can watch what we've recorded on the TV (or you could put it on your network, blah, blah...).  It's pretty amazing what technology has done for this process!

I'm really glad we did it, 100% glad, in fact.  I do miss a few things, but they're definitely not worth the 75 bucks we were paying (and it's likely to come through Hulu or Netflix at some point).


  1. My set up would be perfect . . . if I lived in an area with working reception. Can't get channels other than Fox and PBS. Sigh.

    I still am cable-less, though.

  2. okay, you need to explain this DVR recording thing more...


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