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Some people provide brain dumps on their blogs, I’m giving you a photo dump… feel the joy.
My parents came for Christmas, which just happens to be my mom’s birthday.  HORRAY!  Look how thrilled Conner is to be there!  We were actually re-creating a photo we did when he was one, but it didn’t really work out… life goes on. :)
Someone cute and tiny got a kitchen for her birthday!  HORRAY!  She adores it.  Santa did a bit of a splurge, but I think it’s worth it!

We went and saw the lights at the Mesa temple with my parents.  It’s like temple square on LSD — SO many colors and excitement.  Very fun. :)

Our ward’s Christmas party involved snow on our front lawn of the church.  The kids had a blast.  We really like our new ward!

Someone gets extra photos.  I can’t imagine who that would be….

The kids all got these little star wars stuffed guys for Christmas in their stockings.  Here Yoda and Darth are fighting.  I’m fairly sure Yoda is winning.

I made monkey bread Christmas morning from the America’s Test kitchen recipe.  Yum… that stuff sure doesn’t save well though, it wasn’t great the next day.  I mean, the 3 pieces that were left.

Here’s princess P in her adorable Christmas outfit, with her shirt not tucked in.  Let’s just say we were lucky to get a photo that morning. :)
And, I guess that’s it.  Happy to be back into the routine after the holidays.  We all know how I love a good routine.
Happy new year everyone!

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    I always wanted a kitchen thing when I was young-er. The splurge is worth it. When she gets a wee bit older she can start cooking for your fam, What?!

  2. says

    mmmm…monkey bread…I really wanted to make that for Christmas this year, but then I want to eat the whole pan. Cute pictures, especially of your darling little princess. Love her face with her new kitchen.

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