Make Your Own DVR.

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Make your own DVR using a windows computer and a few other components can have you up and recording in no time!I have had a couple of questions about how we use our computer as a DVR, and it’s all pretty simple… just takes a little money and some hooking up.

First off, if you have Windows 7, your computer is capable of being a DVR.  When we had cable, we just ran a line into the computer and it would record for us. However, once we moved we found out that our last computer (that had a built-in tuner) wasn’t digital compatible so we needed to get a new tuner that was.  Also, we were no longer getting cable, so that was an issue also.

So, this is what we came-up with.  We bought a USB TV Tuner.  The one here is the actual one that we have.  The set-up was super easy.  I swear I got it for like 39.99, but maybe I’m wrong.  Shop around, I have no idea if this is a good price or not.

Then, you need (unless you have cable) to get antennae to hook up to it (see, one side goes into your computer, and the other side has a little plug in for the antennae.  I just got a cheap set at Walmart (although, this is a pretty decent price, if you’re buying from Amazon already, I’d just throw this in your cart.  I think I paid about 10 at Walmart.

Then, you just plug it all into your computer and go into Windows Media Center.  Configure the TV tuner and then configure it to get all your channels, etc. and WHAMO — you have a DVR.

We are able to access our desktop through our laptop because Windows 7 makes networking so easy.  TV shows that are recorded are automatically in your public folders and are accessed on any networked computer in your home.  That way, it’s easily to pull up World World whenever I need it. :)

And, as a sidenote to yesterday’s post.  El Presidante’s teacher called yesterday and said he was a whole new kid now that the computers are taken away for a bit.  I am hoping he learns a lesson and doesn’t take them for granted in the future.  I also hope for world peace and an end to hunger.  Ok? :)

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    We’ve been doing this since we were married almost 7 years ago. Since we only got our first tv (by choice) a few months ago we used a tv tuner on our computer from the get go. Benefits of marrying a computer nerd, they think of all these things when I never would!

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