My Thoughts on the Birth Control Issue

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I hate the birth control issue.  I hate that the government has SO many other things to be worried about (aka, the budget, poverty, keeping its pants zipped) but they decide to “tattle” on Catholic insurance groups.  It’s like when your kids are supposed to be cleaning their room, but they keep coming to you to tell you about something the other one’s doing…

But I hate it more then that.  I hate it more than the religious freedom issue (which, I personally take pretty vigorously… this is entirely AGAINST their religion, even if many of them don’t follow it — it totally is).  I have two problems with it.

a)  When you work for the Catholics you aren’t going along your merry way, and then all the sudden you realize your company is owned by a catholic organization . Uh, no.  For those of you who don’t know — I worked for a Catholic hospital in CA.  Within my first week I had to pledge my allegiance to Jesus and the virgin Mary.  At staff meetings they lit candles (which I still found creepy — Mormons must have a thing against candles).  There were crosses and saints all over the hospital.  It as blatantly obvious that we were working practically for the Pope himself.  Of course, I am used to working for the Pope (inside joke if you know my maiden name).  I didn’t have insurance through our hospital, but it was very clear that birth control measures weren’t covered.  It’s not like you couldn’t use birth control — it just wasn’t covered.  We also didn’t do abortions, or anything like unto it (we didn’t pit live babies who were below the age of being able to live on their own, because that could be considered an abortion).  We didn’t do tubals.  Those were the rules, end of story.

b)  Since when is birth control something that HAS to be covered.  I honestly think of health insurance the same way that I think of car insurance — something bad happens to you and you are covered. You get cancer, or pneumonia.  Things that just happen.  Health accidents, if you will.  Pregnancy, and sex in general isn’t a health accident.  Women don’t just “become” pregnant.  If you don’t get my drift, go talk to your mom.

My insurance does cover birth control, but because my deductible is so high I will have to prepare to pay for my next IUD on my own.  Or, I could be celibate, it’s my choice.

It’s not like they don’t cover pap smears or breast exams, or even STD checks.  They cover women’s HEALTH, they just don’t cover their choices.

So, those are my thoughts.  Also, in the big scheme of things — a pack of birth control is pretty cheap.  I mean, I have charged out 15k in one shift before.  Insurance is there for THAT, not there for something you can get for under 30 bucks, or even cheaper on the trojan isle.

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