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First there was the tiger mom, and now there’s the French lady.  Well, la-de-dah. :)  At first you’re like, “LIKE THERE ARE NO FRENCH KIDS THAT MISBEHAVE?  Get REAL.”  but the reality that good parents around the world are just that — good parents.  Saren wrote a great post about it on her blog.

We can learn something from ALL of them.

I have absorbed these french parenting articles with interest.  I think there’s always something we can learn from each of them.  I know I could give my kids more choices within a “box” of rules.  I work on that.  I agree a lot with the ideas brought out in this parenting book, and I also agree with a lot of things the Tiger mom said.  Some of it just doesn’t work for me.

And I guess what it boils down to, is that you have these specific children for a reason.  God gave you children for whom your parenting style would work.

There have been times where I am allowed the sweet reminder that I was the specific nurse sent to deliver a specific patient.  They needed ME.  No other nurse would give them what they needed.  I feel warm inside, like I’ve done some good and I am grateful for being able to be there.

I think that because I’m too stuck in the mothering trench to realize the MANY times that I have been el presidante, or Mr Middle or Princess P’s parent just at that moment when no other mom would do.  Any woman can wipe noses or tell them to shut it…. but there are specific instances where you were put with them for a reason.

And I’m grateful for all the things I can learn from the many parenting books.  But I just add them to who I am, as a mom and as a person.  And I give what I am.

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  1. Krista says

    i seriously love this post. your Awesome!

    …. my characters aren’t matching up in your ‘word varification’ I think i need glasses

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