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I thought I’d never say it.

I was so in love.

The paper, the stickers, the feel of the cardstock the love of the sport.  The whole. nine. yards.

I loved it.  I spent plenty of time looking at layouts and adoring over them.

But I’m done.  It’s just not in me anymore.  I will still do the errant school picture, but ladies.  I’m done scrapbooking {gasp}.

If anyone knew me when Spencer was boring circa 2004’ish they may have died to hear this.  But I just don’t find it enjoyable anymore, and with 3 kids it’s just hard to pull it all out and pull me away.

Plus, I have this blog.  I write enough on here to choke a horse.  AND I have journals, one for me and one for each child.  There’s plenty of thoughts about our life going on.

BUT I did want the photos in a bound form.  A way they could thumb through them and feel the memories in their brains.

So I’m doing photo books. I just did my first one for 2010.  I am still, somehow, hoping to finish up 2009 — in my regular scrapbooking fashion, I’m more then 1/2 way through the year, and I think I can do it.  I’m thinking about just doing the pages digitally and just having them printed.

I used My Publisher, but I’m not in love with the price.  I do have a friend who does BEAUTIFUL ones through there and seems to adore them, so I’ll see what I think of it.  BTW,with a 40% off code my book, which was about 40 pages for the whole year, was around 41 bucks shipped to my house.

Have any of you made the transition?  Is there a service you like?  I want to start on my 2011 one soon.  I will say the My Publisher one went REALLY quickly.  I do like things to happen fast. :)

Give me your thoughts, and what you did with the 400 pounds of scrapbook paper you had laying around your craft room? :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    Oh man, this is so me…except I quit paper scrapbooking with child #1. I’m not into it either at all anymore. I never got rid of my stash and still use it from time to time for school projects for the kids, and thankfully I have room to keep it or it would have been tossed out by now.
    I do photobooks through Snapfish. I wait for a good deal (at least 40% off) and then order. It isn’t too terribly hard because I edit pictures as I go for my blog, so I just pull those pictures for the photo books.
    But, I have only been doing them for the kids. At first I combined 3 years at a time (i.e. Carson: The first 3 years, or ages 3-6). But since I take about a trillion more pictures now, I need a book per year, per kid. I am way behind.
    I keep it simple by doing black background pages and simple text. No swirls and cute-ness. Just classic, clean lines, a little journaling here and there. Figure that might make it somewhat timeless.
    I do want to do what you have done and do a book per year for our family. Not sure how to make that happen, and frankly, for me, that is my blog, which I print using, so it seems a little redundant, although the blog book doesn’t have the best quality or size for the pictures that I would get in a photobook.

    Anyway, it is hard to do everything. How much history do we need between journals, blogs, photobooks for kids & family, home video??…it gets a little overwhelming so I try to make sure I am doing at least one of these very well…and for me that’s my blog right now. And I will force myself to catch up on the other stuff someday soon.

  2. says

    I use and it converts my blog entries (with pictures and all) into a book. You can then go through and format each page differently if you want (or add or delete pictures, content, pages, etc).

    I usually can find an online coupon or groupon code as well.
    So far I’ve done 3 books (2007-2009; 2010; 2011)each being around 80-120 pages all color pages including upgraded image wrapped covers and they’ve cost me roughly $40 each.

    My last book I just did for 2011 took me about 4-5 hours of prep work but only because I decided to spend more time creating my own layouts. But I love how it pulls all my blog entries including pictures automatically.

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