A Year Ago

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A year ago today:

  • I got flowers from Drew.  Note:  I hate flowers, I think they’re a wate of money.  I’m sorry Drew, but it’s true.  Maybe a nice bouquet, but the whole delivery and the vase.  Excessive.  Sad, but true.
  • My kids were horrid, and we had like 12 house showings, which mean I had to skee-daddle out with P every time someone called.
  • Drew was in in lovely Arizona to meet  his new band.
  • It was a pretty darn crappy day.
  • The highlight was 2 interviews with hospitals here, I was starting to think that end might work out.


  • Drew just signed a full time contract.  He’s been 80% this year, allowing us the priviledge of qualifying for reduced price lunches and all sorts of fun stuff happening to our savings accounts.  But, life goes on, right?  It’s nice to see the end of that tunnel.
  • Our appraisal for our refinance came back 60k more then the last appraisal.  That’s right, in like 4 months our house SOMEHOW gained 60k.  Yeah, sure.  Actually, I think the last appraisal was crazy low, and I think this one’s a bit on the high side.  Either way I wasted 460 bucks on my last appraisal.  Useless.  And yes, I did send them a bitter email.  BUT, either way that means that our refinance should go through without a hitch!
  • Drew’s made reservations for the melting pot and I have a shower for a good friend at work.  Excited for a day all about me. :)  I think I am most grateful that I’m not showing my house, that was a HUGE pain last year!
  • I went to lunch yesterday with friends.  I remember wondering what my life would be like here.  I had no idea it would be this good.  I had no idea I’d make so many great friends that I love so much.

Life really just keeps getting better with age, like a fine wine. :)

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  1. says

    I laughed about the flowers. One V-Day years ago, I was so upset about how much he spent on a flower delivery on red roses ( don’t like red roses) and I felt bad because I was so rude about it. But, really. I was like, that was a weeks worth of groceries!

    Now, it’s a Costco bunch or nothing at all. So glad you have made such a great group of friends out there. That makes all the difference.

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