My PSA about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I’m basically one step away from the obsessive compulsive wing of the State Mental, but I am a gal that likes things clean. However I have two small children and two jobs (not to mention my obsessive hobby), so I have to find “ways” to work in my cleaning. Anyway, every week I’ve been picking a new product to clean my sink and counter (thank you Flylady) with (I deep-clean my kitchen on Mondays — but I only have like 20 minutes while Spencer’s eating breakfast in his highchair). Today, I chose the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now, I’d used it for crayon, and scuff marks on the wall (which, it works great for) but it was SO great today. Since the cleaning stuff is right in the sponge, I didn’t have to keep spraying, and letting it set… and praying that my stove would recover from Drew cooking Mothers Day breakfast (thanks honey, love you)… the nasty egg crap came right off, and hten I’d rise if off and away I could go to my next stop on the cleaning train. It also did a good job on my fridge and my microwave (which, is where the OCPD ends, my microwave gets GROSS). Anyway, just a thought for you cleaners out there!

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