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So, I was just reading my scriptures {pats on the back}… and I realized that Nephi had NO idea what all those plates he was writing were for… I mean, he probably thought of them as I think of my journal, perhaps a tad more important than that, but probably not much. Imagine as he learned what his plates would be for how amazed he was. I wonder if he thought he should have put more time into them (probably) or written different things. I was then thinking about how many times we do something that we don’t know what it’s “for” and how important it ends-up being. We just don’t see the whole picture down here, which makes it hard.. But, when something’s not going quite the way I’d hoped, I’d like to think of Nephi and what a great impact he had, just with some simple writings.

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    Well I am not familiar with the guy but if anything it shows that we have “spiritual exercises” we can do that will prepare us for life’s challenges like praying and reading and it is cool we have examples we can look to. Where would we be with out them?!

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    Well Hilary… I’m glad you also read your bible. We can learn so much from it. And we also know life without God would be a very hard road to travel alone! TFS this! :)
    Have a great day!

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    Would life without God be a hard road to travel, or much easier? If you had been raised in Africa and weren’t introduced to the concept of any God at all, what then? No guilt, no prayer, no fear of Hell and no neurotic rules to live your life by. You would be good or evil based on who you are, not according to some arbitrary man made morality.

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