China and a castle

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Our Castle for July 21st Posted by Hello

So, Drew’s sainted sister Kristen is going to babysit our two children (did I mention she’s a saint) when we’re up there for TWO NIGHTS, Drew and I are going to make the trek to Seattle. We’ve found two great bed and breakfasts to stay at on our way. The one we’re staying at on our way back is the one pictured, it’s called Thornwood Castle (A CASTLE) — we’re staying in the presidential suite, in case anyone’s looking. We’re also staying at the Chinaberry Bed and Breakfast .Anyway, I’m super excited. They both are rated in the TOP PLACES to KISS. Can’t get better than that, can you?
Thanks for listening to my dreams. 😉 Btw, camera comes today.

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    Sounds AWESOME!!! Wow – what a nice place. Have fun and blog about it when you get back (but you can save the kissing part for yourself)! :-)

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