Go fast through the hard parts

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So, Conner got a new bike the day of our garage sale… I suppose I should say “new” in that it has a fair amount of rust on it. So, we try and go on walks before or after dinner a few times a week. He invariably falls down on 1 or 2 of the driveways where it slopes down (this bike doesn’t have the REALLY wide training wheels). So, I’m always yelling, “go fast during the hard part” becuase he’s always slowing down and looking at me all nervous-like during the driveways and then falls down.
I wish life was like that — we could go fast through the hard parts. For insance, when I’m pushing with people for 3 hours, I woudln’t say it goes quickly and it’s hard… anyway, I wish we could push a “fast forward” button for parts of my life. I don’t see that happening, at least until they make zip-top bellies to get the babies out. :)

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    Wow – so you are a L&D nurse? I never asked? That is an awesome job. So can relate to going fast through the hard times – wish I could do that right now with my husband’s job stress right now.

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