The Grace of God — Family Dinner

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Ok, so after my 14 hour day I wasn’t too jazzed about working the next day, but I always think we’re poor… so I was willing. However, I did call to be on call, and I was told I woudln’t have to come-in until 7 pm. So, we had family dinner. As we sat down I realized I missed it. We hadn’t had family dinner all week (and we usually have it every night except the 1 I work). I remember thinking back to family dinner when I lived with my parents and hating it, but I also thought about how the Prophet and Apostles have told us how important having dinner as a family is for our children’s well-being. They’re right, it’s important, even if it’s just fish sticks and noodle-roni before mom runs off to work. Love you fam.

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Well, at least I'm not dripping sweat down my nasty marching band uniform today...
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    Yeah – I need to take family dinner more seriously. We let it get away from us. We may all eat together but it is rushed and just doesn’t feel purposeful. So the other night I told Matt can we please pray before we eat (that has gotten away from us too). So hopefully our kids will remember the times we did do it right and kind of forget the other times.

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    Hilary– I moving the Big Fat Blog, I don’t like it attached to the other one. I want to be able to write a more specific profile and stuff. I’ll give you the link as soon as I do it– prolly tomorrow.

    Have a safe and happy Fourth!

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