It;s difficult coming home

So, after our fabulous child-free jaunt we came home to visit with friends. Part of the Chan fam just happened to be in town and we were so happy to see them. We were good friends with them when we first moved here to CA, and then they left, so it’s good to know we can still be friends. Then, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (loved it), a visit to Burgerville (yummy bacon, and freakin’ huge onion rings) completed our Friday.

On Saturday we went to our friends, the Grovers. They were friends from Utah and have moved to the Portland area, old friends are always good friends. Especially Dan, he’s very, very old. Then I went with my SIL to Bead city where I am attempting to create a new hobby (I hope to have pictures later of my new jewels). Then, after a game of Settlers of Cattan (which, btw,. it’s difficult to play Settlers while starting a new hobby, and no one seemed to care) we went to Papa Haydn’s for a downtown eating experience. Yummiola, and Drew’s sister Carla just happened to be in town too so we were able to be with her! You seriously have to love family… right?

On Sunday it was church and a little photo shoot for the Collins family (shown right). And then dinner with all the family (Drew has 2 sisters that live in Portland, and another that was visiting, it was like a family reunion without the pond).

So, that’s our little trip. We loved it, and I was so glad we planned something so fun for this summer. Everyone needs trips. That’s my conclusion for this blog entry. FAmily vacations promote bonding and good memories. Go out and plan a trip today!

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    Your trip sounds like it was fabulous! I’m so envious! We live in WA and haven’t been to even half of the fun places you went to – but now I know where I want to go after seeing your pics! (p.s. We play Settlers, too! And thanks for the blogging inspiration – I started one yesterday!)

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    Where’s your family picture?! Sounds like you had a great trip. Don’t even want to ask about the Settlers game (sounds too much like a Morman thing)! :-)

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