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No more baby for Conner. I think 5’s a real turning point. He’s reading, he’s writing, he’s learning, and even today he told me he’s creating! He’s generally got good behavior and he basically knows right from wrong. The kids a genious. Of course, with each child’s birthday is the realization that you’ve had THAT long witht his kid and WHAT have you done with them!!!! I know that my kids are only on loan from God and that they’re my responsability. Lately Conner and I have been reading the friend and it’s been amazing to see the clarity that he sees right from wrong and how he cares for others. I love you Conner and I am glad you’re growing up! Here he is at soccer class during a water break, and then again in a huddle with his buddies. Happy birthday Conner, here’s to 100 more!

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    Aww cute! Happy Birthday Conner! It’s funny to think how few years these little guys have been with us but you can’t imagine life without them. It’s neat to see them grow up (and sad too) and become their own little people.

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    I am so not excited for Bria to turn 5 in October. That is just too old. They need to stay babies for a lot longer than they do.

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