Do you believe in miracles?

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Ok, so it’s not really a miracle, but kinda. So, Sunday I had a cold, I was recovering, feeling fairly fine, cleaned my house, blew my nose a bit and went to Soccer. While there I had a fit of inspiration to call my work and see when the competancy days were. Of course, they were desperate and wanted me to work (I know, hold-off your shock). I, like a fool, said I’d come in for 4 hours. Drew, of course thought I’d bet there all night. True to form, I did decide to stay 6 (Which turned into 7) hours. So, I go in to my c-section adn the woman looks totally familiar. She’s about my age… anyway, I’m going through my little pre-op checklist and she just still seems familiar, but I can’t put a finger on it. She says I look familiar too. I went on a limb and asked if she was Mormon. She was (I know, total hippa violation, but I’m dealing with my sins). She also went to BYU, but we graduated 2 years apart and she was in nursing school… but I figure I just saw her in the computer lab or something. Then, we go back to the operating room and as she’s getting her spinal placed she was like, “we were in core together!” I mean, how weird is that!? I wasn’t going to take her as a patient, but a spanish speaker walked-up to be my next patient and I wasn’t in the mood (another hippa violation, sue me). Anyway, it was fun to catch-up with each other. I, outside of church, NEVER see anyone I know from Utah, I was just so suprised. Anyway, I don’t really believe in coincedences, and I feel like it happened for a reason. Maybe just God giving us a little wink from up there that he’s watching, and that he loves us. I’m winkin’ right back at you god, and know that I appreciate the thought. ūüėČ

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