Monday, August 15, 2005


So, just 8 short years ago, Drew and I were married. And while that was quite possibly the longest day of my life I can't believe it was EIGHT years ago. Yesterday there were a couple lessons on the temple and how important marriage is. I just sat there thinking how great life was. Drew and I had such a great time at dinner on Saturday (which is good because we ain't doin' a thing for each other today) and we have a lot of fun with each other, with kids or without (most likely more fun without). Choosing who you marry is such a difficult decision but I'm glad I made mine 8 years ago. Love you Drew!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! 8 years....goes so fast, eh?
    I have more fun without the kids, too. Don't tell anyone, though.

  2. Look at you guys. Mere babies. :) Congrats on 8. I'm coming up on 10! Yikes.

  3. Wow you at you - beautiful!! Congrats on the 8 years here's to at least 50 more! :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary - gorgeous wedding photo!

  5. Anonymous12:37 PM

    It certainly was a long day that 8 years ago. And as I recall I did most of those same steps with you. But now we all have Drew and Conner and Spencer. All wonderful people. Thanks, Hil.


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