Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pure decadence

So, at the end of the school year Drew's music students gave us 200 dollars to eat wherever we wanted. They specified it was for a night on the town, and NOT to fix our house, or buy groceries. So, we'd looked around, but wiht me working so much etc. we just didn't have the gumption to go fancy. Monday is our 8th wedding anniversary (ok, seriously where did the years go, I totally can't believe it?!!!!) so we went to this restaurant named Manresa ( ). My friend, who has GREAT taste (thanks Barbara) told me about it, it's her favorite. We went, and BOY oh BOY was it good. I am always amazed at how there can be so many distinct tastes in one dish. I was really impressed. Of course, our bill just about took the whole 200 (167 with tip and everything, in case you're wondering) dollars (thank you Santa Clara students) but it was totally worth it, to feel devine and decadent for one night. I tasted froi gras, this fancy egg dish (that I think had EVERY flavor in the book in one tiny little egg), parmesan churro (and frankly, I'm ready to throw the cinnamon sugar ones out the window after this tasty tidbit), Strawberry guspatcho (sp?) and meat that was the most tender I'd ever had. PLUS dessert. That's how I feel about our marriage, even though I don't say it enough. I feel decadent having such a great husband who's such a great father and husband. Our marriage is definately rich in flavor. It sure is fun to sometimes play like we're rich.


  1. You are making me drool just reading about it! Wow - what a fab gift from those students!!!

  2. SOUNDS FUN!! That's where we'll go when we have something huge to celebrate.

  3. Hmm - sounds like great jouranling to go with an anniversary photo. Did you take one?! Sounds like a great restaurant.


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