Saved by the hoses

Ok, so i’m throwing the kids’ laundry in this morning. And something flies behind the washer. I’m on the phone, but I’m freaking out inside. I mean, HOW am I going to get behind the washer. It’s times like this I think I should get those little “grabber” things that old people get to reaching things on higher shelves when they’re in a wheelchair or something. But, anyway, back to the story. I throw the rest in, and I look behind and the sock (and it’s a favorite sock) had landed on one of the hoses and was within arm’s reach. I was so grateful as I pulled that sock off the hose and I said a little prayer of gratitude, know that God knew I could take more on my plate today, including pulling out the washer.
I wonder how many times my “sock lands on the hose” and I don’t even notice it. And, perhaps worse I don’t even thank God for saving my booty. I am going to try harder to keep my socks from falling behind the washer, but in times when tradgedy just happens, I’ll try and thank God more often for saving my bacon when I didn’t even know it was on the fire.

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    I totally hear you. Those little tender mercies…you have to be on the lookout for them or you might not even realize.

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    Ok, so
    I am a frequent hilary blog fan for sure but you’ve got to work on your intro so predictable. Ok, so? try So, Ok =) love ya.