Thursday, November 17, 2005

A crying day

From the moment I got Spencer up and until we left Conner's school Spencer was in a mood. And as we were driving to school with him pouting in the back I thought WHAT is wrong with him? Then, I get to school and I see Conner's teacher has a picture of her, when she got married, with all of her kindergarteners, and I seriously started to tear-up. Now, I'd just like to add that we had a VERY hard night at work last night. I felt behind the whole night and just wanted to curl-up in a corner and cry. Anyway, when I saw the picture I was transported to when my first grade teacher got married, and how special she made me feel when I got her invitation and went to her wedding. And, then on my way to safeway I started to tear-up about something else (not a clue what). And I realiezd Spencer and I were both just having a sad little day.
Perhaps we'll just cry together for the rest of the day...
Kind of looking that way at this point.


  1. Sorry you're sad? You're not pregnant are you?

  2. I understand the sads days. I have them frequently. Nothing is really wrong I'm just sad. It's ok. Cry. It's healthy (I think :) )

  3. Yeah I remember a teacher getting married and I kept their personalized napkin forever. So funny kids get into their teachers weddings.

  4. I've had a crying week so don't feel alone... Sometimes you just have to have a good cry. I don't know if you are like this but you start crying about one thing and before you know it, you tack on things to cry about that happened years ago or other areas of your life that there is no need to cry about.


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