Sunday, November 13, 2005

I Do Nothing

Today while making breakfast, Conner told me to "get more bread" and I said I was making breakfast and I'd get it as soon as I could, "did it look like I was doing nothing?" And his response... "yeah." I seriously took off my sliper threw it across the room and was like, "I WILL SHOW YOU NOTHING. I WILL DO NOTHING" (and ran to my room). As I laid on my bed, contemplating never leaving it again, feeling extremely taken for granted -- slave-like, if you will. I decided to come out, apologize for yelling and throwing my shoe and let Conner know he needed to stay in his room until he was ready to come out and say he's sorry. After a lot of contimplation on his part in his room he came-out. He told me he was sorry. He was able to eat breakfast, but now has an assignemtn to write down 10 things that I do for him. Of course, he's whining that he can't THINK of anything that I do.
I am feeling extremely taken for granted right now. Seriously, does he not notice ANYTHING that I do? Did I at that age?
I'd just like to take this moment to tell my mom I'm grateful for all she did. It's a vicious cycle...


  1. All I have to say is AMEN SISTER! Hope Conner writes some nice things about you. :)

  2. I'm sorry! I'm not a mom yet but it's rough when you don't feel appreciated.

    Maybe in a nice way point out all the little things you do for him. Like when you're fixing dinner or breakfast you could say "Isn't it nice that mommy makes you dinner. Not all little boys have a mom that make them dinner." or when you go to the store point out the fact that daddy is at work all day and who would go to the store if you didn't go to the store,. Or when you put away his clothes or get him dressed how would Conner have clean clothes if mommy didn't wash them for him. He's not big enough and not all mommy's care enough to have clean clothes for their little boys.

    Just in a subtle way point at all the great things you do for him on a day to day basis. Sometimes people won't appreciate all you do for them unless you point it out and tell them all you do for them (works on husbands too occassionally.) :)

    Good Luck!

  3. conner must be a guy if he's not noticing things.

  4. That's so funny you had him write a list. I think that would be a great FHE idea for my son - have him write a list of what MOmmy does for him because I think he's in the same boat as Conner.

  5. I think about how grateful I am for my mom on a daily basis :p I don't think anyone can truly appreciate their folks until they have kids of their own :p

  6. I'm sorry, this entry had me rolling! It just hits too clost to home and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who wants to be treated like more than just the maid! Kids can say the most insensitive things sometimes! Writing the list is definately something I'm going to keep in mind!


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