Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thankful Thoughts for Today

So, today I am thankful for my 2 boys. I'd like to have them have separate days, but I feel there is only so many days I can keep this thankful theme going on, and so I will blog them both today.
Conner is such a smartie, and just him knowing all these different things makes me feel mildly grand as a parent. He is also very nice, and a good student all around (including citizenship and behavior). He amazes me with the things he thinks up and the creativity that flows so freely from him. He has really learned a lot this year in Kindergarten (Mrs. Ross, another thing I'm thankful for). I just wanted to share a sweet moment that he and I had a few nights ago. I'd had a LONG night at work and I was so tired, but I always go in to check on the boys when I get home from work. I re-apply covers and give a little kiss. This night I told Conner I loved him, as usualy and he looks-up (eyes still closed) and says, "I love you too." (which, sadly, he is quickly becoming too cool to say during the regular day) I didn't know if I'd heard him right, so I said "I love you" again, and I got the same response except this time, with an added glare as if to say, "it's midnight, leave me alone." I love you buddy, even if you don't always say it back.
Spencer is FINALLY learning some WORDS! He is also aware that he can lead me, like Lassie, to the stuff he needs or the stuff he needs done. Just now he lead me to the bookshelf to look at our Disney Album and once I got it he said, "yeah!!!" (as if I'd performed a touchdown). Spencer reminds me that life passes all too fast. I truly miss my little baby, although I enjoy the creature that has replaced him. Spencer, recently, is really into singing (and Conner has banned all of my singing in this home since he was 3). I appreciate him appreciating me (it's a vicious circle).
So, in this thoughtful time I can't believe I was chosen to parent these two little brave souls. And although I am outnumbered, I know I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Such a great entry.
    Chloe does that...comes and gets me and drags me by the hand (she's STRONG) totake me to what she needs.
    Very cute.
    When you have girls they'll say they love you all day long....mine both say it every five seconds.

  2. I love reading these thankful posts of your Hilary!!


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