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Ok, so Mary Ruth posted on her blog a good deed that she did that made her feel good about herself, so I thought I’d share mine. It happened last year when we were at Disneyland. I had the kids and were taking them for a potty/diaper change while Drew went on Tower of . There was a line for everything and I had to stand it both to get Conner in the potty and then to get Spencer’s diaper changed. This poor mom had a screaming child the whole time. Yes, it was annoying, but because I was trying to deal with my own potty issues I didn’t take much notice, but as I was changing Spencer next to her I noticed her child had a total blow-out and she was just trying to clean him up and make the best of things. People in the bathroom are JUST glaring at her, she’s trying to get her wipes out of the travel case (we all know how annoying that is) and keep the baby on the table, etc. The baby has a HUGE diaper rash (later learned it was from antibiotics he was on). No one’s lending a hand. So, after I change Spencer’s diaper I ask her if I can hold the baby while she’s cleaning up. She looks up with tears and thanks me profusely. It was easy on my part… and I know that the poor diaper situation (not to mention the glaring women) was her whole day (expensive day, that is). So many of those women didn’t have their hands tied with kids and could’ve helped out, but instead they starred.
Now, I am totally aware that I’m a “stare-er” at times and should be more willing to step-in and help out. It was definatley a reminder of what a little help can do for a person.

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    Oh! Such a great story!! It’s the little things that mkae a difference to people. Thanks for sharing…. and how fun to have a shout out! how fun! :)


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    I’m definitely too often a starer and really have to learn to act more to help others. great story – you probably helped someone just like me, lol. Too many poopy bums, not enough hands or wipes too often.

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    Sometimes it is hard to know how to help in a situation, but I made a decision to be as helpful as I can because I’ll never forget when I passed out in Arby’s and I was not with anyone and NOT A SINGLE SOUL offered me help when I came to.

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