As Drew Would Say “I (referring to Drew, not to myself) Am Awesome”

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I fear that Drew felt my blog was a tad one-sided… So I wanted to mention some of the sweeter things Drew does do — using my day as an example.
1) He climbs ladders (I don’t, ’nuff said).
2) When Drew is home — he is the diaper changer. I believe I made this decree in my own head, but Drew willingly goes along, and I SO appreciate it.
3) Drew let me lay in bed today, as if I were a sick-o while he went about — emptying the dishwasher, inspecting Conner’s homemade pochimon (how the HECK do you spell that?) cards. The guy’s a winner.
4) Drew, is a heck of an un-packer. Seriously, all I want to do after a trip is lay down and cry and he’s a freakin’ work-horse. High fives for Drew.
5) He’s mine, and he still loves me even when he reads my, sometimes, not so nice (and someitmes VERY nice) blog.
Smooches to Drew, I hope we last this week together. :)

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    He sounds like a sweetie!!! I must train my future husband to be the diaper changer when he’s home. I’m also planning on marrying someone who will get up and feed the baby in the middle of the night! You’re laughing at me right now aren’t you?

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