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Spencer is in a HUGE-MONGOUS “mine” phase as of late. PErhaps it was that he opened his toys on Friday night only to have his older brother “help” him learn to share (seriously, the words CAME OUT of Conner’s mouth). Today during church he issued the prolamation many a time that the church toys were “MINE”. Love this phase. Anyone remember when I wondered WHEN he would talk?

Spencer got a trike, a homemade ABC book from mom, a counting book from Conner (homemade — he did a great job), books and a shirt from Grandma and Grandpa E, a priate ship and lacing beads from Grandma and Grandpa P (who, I think just walk into Toys R Us and ask where the biggest toys are, and go pick one out from that area)(and Spencer is IN LOVE with his priate ship — I am thinking that is where the “mine” part started), some workbooks and… oh, a Rescue Hero, his first.

As an update to the cake saga — all things went well, except a few hours after I foudn there were giant in it (you can see them in the picture with Spencer). Also, don’t buy the “writing icing” from the store — our cake looks more spooky than cute with the two’s on the side being all drippy. Yum, yum. Oh, and did I mention I WALKED to the grocery store with Spencer — it was about a 20 minute walk each way… AND I saw Karen Hovey there looking gorgeous. :)

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    Yeah, Bria makes sure Chloe knows how to share…to the point that Chloe’s toys become Bria’s somehow. But, Chloe has certainly learned to stand her ground when she really really wants something and “NO MINE!” was definitely one of her first sentences.

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