Our Big Trip

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So, we started-off heading to Santa Barbara, where our friends the Haws live — they did an awesome job of showing us around the city and making us very jealous of the town they live in. Santa Barbara’s an awesome place. AND, they have cute kids — their son Keller and Conner had a great time playing together (this picture keeps uploading weird… blogger must not like cute kids).
Then, it was off to Disneyland. We went for a few hours on Monday night and saw the fireworks show. HELLO… AMAZING. If you’re even considering DL this year — go, and see the fireworks (make sure they’re happening when you’re there because if we hadn’t gone on Monday night we would have missed them all together). The crowds weren’t even that bad on the Holiday (which was surprising).
Here are some of our favorite Character shots… you’ll see Abby Mallard (from Chicken Little — guys, this gal is not cute), Gepetto, Mickey, Hook, Wendy Darling, Rafiki (and no, we couldn’t remember his name when we were standing in line to get his picture — but he was cool with that), and Buzz.

What was our favorite part? Well, the fireworks rated pretty darn high… but I think my favorite part is this shot (poor as it is) of Spencer and I BELIEVE this is Sneezy (don’t qu0te me there). He hadn’t been to excited to see Characters (there’s a reason that Drew is so far from Mickey) the whole time, but he just about burst when Sneezy came up to him at the end of the parade. Just one of those moments you sit back and sigh with happiness that you’re a parent.

Of course, now we’re home and back to our regular grind. It’s nice that today’s a Saturday so we can get a bit done before we’re back to the usual. Hope everyone else had a fun break too!

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    Ooooooh, sounds like an awesome trip! Totally need to plan a trip for my kiddos sometime soon…as soon as Jake gets over his fear of men in large Disney costumes (Mr Incredible is not a friend of the Hernandez family :p)

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    So jealous you got to go on a fun vacation! I wondered what happened to you! That stroller guy probably has a lot of things to get mean about – for crying out loud you are at the happiest place on earth – some people!

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