My dad rocks

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Last night was the award ceremony for my dad. It’s hard to realize that someone might be so important to anyone but yourself, but I realized something I knew all along — my dad is a BYU rockstar. When I tell friends who went to B YU, who my dad is, they’re always impressed and about 50% of the time they’ve had him for either economics or American Heritage. It seems like he is a friend to everyone he meets and although we carry the same Pope genes of wanting attention DIVERTED from us, my dad didn’t run out of screaming. Way to go dad.
I’m so glad I could come and be here for this occasion.
And on a brighter note, I got to see snow this AM.
I, my friends, am a lucky, lucky gal.

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    I also had your dad for American Heritage….
    …my mom is a BYU rockstar, too. All my mission companions took her class (well, the ones who went to BYU), and whenever she visits my ward down here, there’s always a handful of girls who took her class. No wonder I always thought she knew EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.

    And…so jealous of the snow. But, did I tell you we had snow on our AZ mountains (aka hills) for one day last week? It was a miracle.

  2. says

    Congrats Hilary’s Dad!! Hey here is a random 7 degress fact. The Caroline Hemingway building was funded by the founder of my company Pete Harman (and I think he does other stuff like scholarships etc). He wanted it named after his Aunt instead of himself because she raised him and his 6 siblings and her children after his Mom died when he was a baby. She was quiet the Mormon woman and he said all he became was because of her. So dish out that little factoidt to your Dad and see if he knows all that!

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