This is me… clutching a complete stranger

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Ok, some of you might know that my DAD (Dad, while I’m in UT — PUH-LEEZE let me take a new “headshot” for you) is receiving a professorship award at BYU (whatever that means, but from my more collegiate friends, I suppose it’s a big deal). I am flying to Utah in about 2.5 hours to see him receive his award. That’s right, they’re flying me in to clap.
I’m really excited to be in Provo. There’s food I miss, haven’t seen my family in a while. Oh, and did I mention I’m going ALONE?
That brings me back to my title. I am NOT a flyer. I seriously, have grabbed complete strangers sitting next to me. Some of you might know that my uncle died in a plane crash when I was a sophmore in college. Every ounce of turbulence I’m wondering what his few moments before his death felt like. Utah is not having the best of weather, so that makes me even more nervous for what I’m flying in to. Everyone send me confidence vibes… and let’s pray that the last edition of Creating Keepsakes is SO enthralling that I don’t even notice my surroundings.
And, I am feeling extremely bad for my past HOF posts. A good friend of mine pointed out another fellow scrapbooker who had received a baby this past week through adoption, but before the papers were finalized the birth mother decided to take the baby back. It’s times like these that you are reminded what is truly important, and that is most definately NOT hall of fame. It’s the things inside my scrapbooks that make my life worth answering the phone. I am officially done with contests, because I need to keep my life in perspective… and did I mention I have another job. In the fabulous words of Joanna Bollick, “leave the stay at home mom jobs to the stay at home moms.” Will do Joanna, will do… (k, not totally sure that was a quote… but it was close).

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